Loudoun County

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The Winery & Vineyard site is located just 45 miles outside of Washington, DC in Loudoun County. There are an estimated 8.9 million residents (and an additional 21 million annual visitors) in the Greater Washington Metropolitan area according to the 2010 Census bureau, making the area a sizable and diverse market to draw from. Currently, Loudoun County has a population of nearly 350,000, and this number is expected to increase to 420,000 by 2040. Loudoun County is considered a fast-growing, high-tech, highly educated and high-earning, area. In fact, according to the Nielson Company Loudoun is a top location for households aged 25-34 earning $100,000 a year or more, with 25-65 year olds (wine drinking age population) comprising 57.1% of the population. In addition, Loudoun County boasts the highest median household income in the U.S.

The large, high-income working population creates a dynamic and prosperous economy. Six of the countries wealthiest counties lie within a stone’s throw of Washington DC, notably Loudoun County comes in second at $118,934 median per household income, based on the Census Bureau 2012 survey.

Loudoun County is one of Virginia State’s fastest growing areas for wineries, tooting 46 at present, and still counting. It’s close proximity to Washington DC and its greater metropolitan area makes it a premier location, that gives it the title of “DC’s Wine Country”. Loudoun County is a great partner to the wine industry, and continues to increase efforts to market the wineries, and their wine. The Loudoun Wine Trail established by Loudoun County identified five Cornerstone clusters: Loudoun Heights, Harmony, Waterford, Mosby, and The Potomac. This landmark winery and vineyard is part of the Loudoun Heights Cluster. 

 Picnic tables under birch trees surround the large pond.

Picnic tables under birch trees surround the large pond.